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System Size

Based on your electric bill, we estimate a 7.42 kw system. Our estimate assumes a southern facing roof, minimal shading, and a maximum of two roof orientations. A free site survey is included.

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Questions? Call 888.888.0711.

Customize Your System


View your solar production anywhere, phone or computer, using your home internet connection.

$399 spec sheet

Critter Guard & Paint Conduit

Get the conduit painted to match your home and guard against birds nesting underneath your panels.

$100 / kw spec sheet

SMA Secure Power Supply

Draw up to 1500 watts when the grid is down. Enough to power phones, radios, and other small devices.

$249 spec sheet

SMA Extended Warranty

Extend your SMA inverter warranty from 10 to 20 years. Your Mitsubishi solar panels have a 25 year warranty.

$899 spec sheet

Expedited Install

Begin installation within 4 weeks from site survey. [1]


Upgrade to Microinverters

Max the output of your solar panels by up to 22% with Enphase Microinverters. Comes with a 25 year warranty.

$300 / kw spec sheet

Estimated Price

[1] Expedited Installation Services are available January 1st through Nov 1st, each calendar year. In the event of severe or inclement weather that hinders our ability to install your system within the expedited time period, YES will install the system at the earliest possible opportunity following said severe and/or inclement weather and customer's contract amount will be reduced by the Expedited Installation Service fee amount.

Prices do NOT include any extra electrical work required to make your home's existing electrical system code complaint and compatible for the solar electric system you have selected. YES will have a site technician contact you and schedule an appointment to verify your home's electrical system, available roof space for mounting solar panels, verify sunlight at solar panel mounting location, qualify your roof's condition and roofing materials type and validate the structural frame of your home to ensure your home can safely and adequately support the weight of the solar electric equipment.

All Building Department AHJ's (Authority Having Jurisdiction) require homeowners engaging in and contracting for Home Improvement Projects to ascertain a building permit. In order to finalize that permit, you home must be equipped with a minimum of (1) functioning smoke detector in each bedroom and in each kitchen, as well as (1) carbon monoxide detector per floor in the dwelling. If your home does not possess these devices, YES can provide and install them for you for a nominal fee, described in our contract.

Certain Building Department AHJ's require homeowners engaging in Home Improvement Projects that require a building permit to possess a Natural Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve as a condition of finalizing a building permit. If your home does not possess one of these devices, YES can provide and install one for you for a fee, described in our contract.

Solar Panels manufactured by Mitsubishi Corporation. Solar Panels are furnished with a standard 25-year OEM warranty. Inverter manufactured by SMA America. Inverter is furnished with a standard 10-year OEM warranty.

Offer online only cand cannot be combined with any other offers. Credit card / Paypal may be used for initial $500 deposit. Subsequent payments may be paid by cash / check. If opt to pay by credit card for remaining balance, a 4% processing fee applies.

Labor furnished by YES for a period of 180-months from the date of installation. Our labor warranty is described in detail in our installation services contract.

Initial Deposit: $500 (refundable for 7 days)

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